Missing Transform Gizmo for 2D Sprites in Unity 4.3

Tags: Unity3d, 4.3, Bug, Hack

I ran into what I believe is a bug in version 4.3 of Unity. It looks like 2D sprites have a tendency to lose their transform gizmo. Due to my slow internet I haven't downloaded the latest release so I have not determined if this has been fixed yet (v 4.3.3 is the latest as of writing - if this has been fixed please let me know by leaving a comment below) but I didn't see anything in the release notes. In the meantime, I have a temporary work around.

As a temporary fix, to get around this issue, just make sure your sprite has a parent in the object hierarchy. If you just want to draw the sprite you can create an empty game object as the parent, at least until the issue is fixed.

  1. From the menu select GameObject -> Create Empty
  2. Rename your empty game object to something that makes sense
  3. Drag and drop your sprite underneath the newly created empty game object

And that's it. Now you can select the parent (empty) game object and you will have a transform gizmo! Hopefully this issue gets fixed soon.


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