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  • Missing Transform Gizmo for 2D Sprites in Unity 4.3

    Tags: Unity3d, 4.3, Bug, Hack

    I ran into what I believe is a bug in version 4.3 of Unity. It looks like 2D sprites have a tendency to lose their transform gizmo. Due to my slow internet I haven't downloaded the latest release so I have not determined if this has been fixed yet (v 4.3.3 is the latest as of writing - if this has been fixed please let me know by leaving a comment below) but I didn't see anything in the release notes. In the meantime, I have a temporary work around.

  • 2D Raycasting in Unity 4.3

    Tags: Unity3d, 4.3, 2D, ray, raycasting, collision detection

    Unity 4.3 released today and I was super excited for the brand new 2D tools that came with it. I very quickly dug in and began playing with the built in physics, which while work, produce results that I particularly wasn't fond of. Being a programmer with some understanding of how these things might work, I figured it would be easier to roll my own collision detection using raycasting rather than fight the system provided to me. There are lots of examples out there on how to do raycasting with the 3D components of Unity but I just couldn't get those examples to work using the 2D colliders. As it turns out there were new physics objects to work with and once I got it all figured out it worked great. I've written this post in order to help others learning the ropes with the Unity 2D tools in case someone else runs into the same issues I did.